Welcome to Kingdom Revival Alliance. Kingdom Alliances are key in this hour to spread the fire of revival and awakening! I believe God is knitting together in the Spirit tribes of like minded ministries that understand there is a greater wine in the cluster.

An alliance is defined as a written agreement between two or more parties in order to forge a bond, and/or work together to serve both sides interests. Both parties share mutual assistance and protection in a close association for a common goal.

The move of God that's beginning to break forth on the earth now will only continue to gain momentum with true revival teams of both apostolic and prophecy mantles needed for building the kingdom. There will be a new synergy of ministries that value the need to come together collectively for regional and national awakenings. I see a new unity of revival minded individuals joining forces to fan the flames of Glory Awakening. There are many nets that work (Networks) and new alliances being formed to share in the responsibility of sustaining a unstoppable move of Glory! 

The church needs mighty men like David who are attracted to the person/presence of Christ and committed to the cause of Kingdom.

What We Offer

Apostolic Oversight
The Team is here to give apostolic equipping, oversight, and encouragement as you pursue the revival in the earth. The team of leaders and associates are there both to equip and encourage you in your pursuit. Join the movement!

Prophetic Revelation
The Lord is speaking of great things and mysteries. With our team of prophetic ministers, there is a wealth of revelation and understanding to be gained. These ministers are ready to come and help you establish a prophetic culture in your endeavor.

Evangelistic Activation
We are about souls and the harvest. The team of Evangelist are here to help your church get activated with power for souls. From prophetic and power evangelism. We are here to help the Body of Christ to gather the harvest and bring it to maturity.

Our Vision

To see Individuals, Ministries, and Churches come together for America to be shaken with revival.

To coordinate, equip, and facilitate revival across America. To join those who desire to see the same.

To support those who have a common vision and hungry to bring revival to America.

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Healing evangelist, revivalist, and author Todd Bentley is the founder of Fresh Fire USA. As a teenager, Todd, an alcoholic and drug addict, had a dramatic life-changing encounter with the saving, delivering power of God. freshfireusa.com

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Louis DeSiena are the Senior Leaders of Torch Bearers Church and Apostolic Training Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

Join The Team

Four Types of Members-Which One Are You?

1. Associates sons and daughters of Todd and Jessa Bentley. They have a relationship that has been tested and tried and Todd and Jessa have communicated directly with them the depth of this relationship.

2. Affiliates are those who want to be in relationship with the Leaders of Kingdom Alliances because they feel that want is upon the leaders is something that they are called to. These individuals can be both Ministries and/or Churches. To be an affiliate it would mean that the eldership, board, or leaders of that ministry are in agreement.

2A. Ministries
2B. Churches

3. Friends are those Individuals and/or Couples that desire to be in relationship with Kingdom Alliance.